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As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker,Certified Substance Abuse Counselor and an Infant Mental Health Specialist, my training is focused on women, families, parenting, trauma and attachment. There are few therapists that are providing direct therapeutic services to women with this lens, making me a unique therapist with a variety of knowledge, skills and experience, as well as an enthusiastic consultant/trainer and supervisor in the field.


How Do I get Started? 

You can reach out to me via phone, email or text. We will set up an initial meeting to discuss what you are hoping to achieve- for yourself, your child or your agency. We will review what I can offer and decide together if we could be partners in your goals. 

Individual and Child Parent therapy clients will receive an  email with legal paperwork and some simple questionnaires to help me understand more about what brought you to services.

I use an electronic record keeping system which gives each client unique client portal and makes our process paperless. 


I offer in person and telehealth services.  

Testimonial Story

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

I work with people at their own pace using the therapeutic relationship to create a safe place for people to feel their feelings. We will not be "just talking". Through our exploration of  your habitual thoughts and behaviors, we will be able to identify patterns and make changes.  We all have core beliefs inherited from childhood experiences, it is possible to rewrite the narrative and  open up to experiencing love, worthiness and empowerment.


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Child Parent Psychotharapy

Child Parent Psychotheapy

Have you or your child been having a challenging time with a recent event, or change? CPP is a specific type of therapy in which I work with the caregiver AND the child together. We can reduce problematic behavior, decrease parenting stress and work together to enhance the attachment quality of the relationship with your child.

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Reflective Supervision

Reflective Supervision & Consultation

Providing supervision towards licensure or post-licensure, is more than case presentation, feedback and test preps. Reflective Supervision requires an in depth understanding of the parallel process that is naturally occurring between you and the other humans you work with. In both supervision and consultation, a trauma responsive and relational approach is empathized in order to make the most lasting impact.

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